Give a new life to your product

In Maria Maleta you can give your bag a new life and a new future. Do you have a Maria Maleta? Do you think you don't want to use it anymore?

We can give a new destiny to your product. We will turn your old leather bag into a new product. From your old Maria Maleta we can create a new product for the modern women. This new product has a cost of 30€.

Another option: You can send us your old Maria and we will dismantle it and send each material for its correct recycling. When you return your bag for recycling you will receive a € 10 voucher that you can use for your next purchase with us.

recycle my bag

Send us an email to reuse@mariamaleta.com with the text "REUSE MY MARIA MALETA" and we will answer with the instructions to be followed. 

In Maria Maleta, our goal is to change the ways of consumption. Waste is not waste until we waste it. So don't waste it, reuse it. We will be happy to invite you to this cause and the planet will thank you.



Our bags always have two sides to use and from now several lives to live.

We think from the first minute about the sustainability of our products and how they can be more "long lasting" for our customers. We want a bag to last not only a moment, or a story, but to be part of our lives, and that it reminds us of the stories we have lived. 

  Send an email to reuse@mariamaleta.com with your question and we will respond with the best possible solution.