Every Woman has two sides, so do our bags! Pick your side according to your daily mood. 
Our bags that not only reflect versatility but last a lifetime of adapting to every situation with a 100% sustainable process.
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Handmade in Portugal with a lifetime warranty

Maria Maleta believes in a circular economy and the timeless product, thus using leather as the main raw material, used for several decades due to its exclusive characteristics: resistance, durability and quality.

Our ambition is to make long-lasting products and we are proud to give a lifetime warranty to all of our leather products. 

Unique and sustainable designer bags

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About Maria Maleta

This is a tale about two best friends...

...with an obvious passion for fashion and handbags― especially well-made leather bags.  

Ana Neto and Daniela Marques have been friends for over 20 years despite being self-described “polar opposites”, but one thing they for sure have in common is a very strong friendship. A friendship that makes everything more fun, sillier, and happier, because of the eternal bond that unites them, which they call... Sisterhood. #siscode


SISTER CODE It's a connection that you have with your girlfriends where girls stay united no matter what. And together, we are stronger, sillier, funnier, and happier. 

"You don’t need a lot of bags to be happy, just need the bag that makes you proud to care”