The new collection, SUSTAINABLE COLLECTION, is totally dedicated to sustainability, it was a challenge but we believe that we are a little closer to helping our planet.

From the moment the brand was designed, the objective would be to create backpacks and products that remain in time both in design and quality. A backpack or product that accompanies us during life, may be the most sustainable form of consumption. Maria Maleta gives a lifetime guarantee for the maintenance of her products with this same objective.

A more perfected version of the term "Sustainable" is present in this collection, in addition to the longevity that we guarantee, this time the materials used were highlighted for their sustainability.

sustainable bags

From the introduction of the fabric produced through the recycling of PET plastic bottles, through the use of vegetable leather, that is, leather whose tanning (production process) is made only with natural products. As well as the use of Bio-leather, a type of leather from national producers, which is differentiated by its environmentally friendly production method, allowing it to be considered a biodegradable product, unlike what happens with synthetics.


María Maleta believes in a circular economy and the timeless product, thus using leather as the main raw material, used for several decades due to its exclusive characteristics: resistance, durability and quality. We have as a restricted policy the use only of leather coming from the residue of the largest world industry, the Food industry.


It is not easy to determine what is more environmentally friendly, because we need to consider transport costs, labor, work ethic, production methods, etc. But there is something that we have been able to detect, that one of the best ways to be sustainable is to be aware of our own consumption, to be curious about the origin of our products and to look for information about them. The products with better quality, more durable, produced in decent conditions and treated with an environmental concern, do not easily become waste or garbage. They stay with us for much longer.

Because it is a Voga issue and there are many doubts regarding the terms applied. We try to clarify some concepts about Vegan, leather, vegetable leather and Bio leather.


Vegan Product: uses products that are not of animal origin. The following raw materials can be considered vegan: cotton, polyester, PET, PU, pinatex, plastic, cork, etc. Maria Maleta is not a Vegan brand.


Leather: It is a raw material made from the skin of the animal, by tanning or other similar process. Maria Maleta only uses skins resulting from the surplus of the Food Industry.


Vegetable or vegetable tanning leather: Process of tanning in animal skin, process of transformation of it into leather, through impregnation of vegetable products.


Bio-leather: Bio-leather is the trade name given to a range of wet-white (free of metals) leather articles with a tanning process specially developed to improve its biodegradability.


In addition to the sustainable side, there is another factor internalized to the concept of the brand, which promotes conscious consumption. The fact that a product can always be used in various ways with different textures and patterns. Because we know that the consumer can easily tire of their products, we want with them to create something that is more variable and that allows several experiences and emotions with the same purpose.


"You don’t need a lot of bags to be happy, just need the bag that makes you proud to care”.