Hergestellt in Portugal

Handmade in Portugal. This is a common expression used to identify various products made in Portugal. This handmade tradition exists for decades in several production areas, and Portuguese industry is well known for its attention to detail, precision and dedication to the product, features that one can clearly perceive in footwear and leather goods industry.
Maria Maleta, as one of these Portuguese brands, couldn’t escape to such determinant circumstance. They ally handmade technics to the machinery capabilities to reach upon their final product. Form the selection of the raw materials to the packaging phase there are always several “pair of hands” involved in the production process, people with a long experience in the leather goods manufacturing and with a lot of stories to tell. Every and each one of these stories are part of every handbag produced by Maria Maleta.
In Maria Maleta these stories and life experiences are pass down from one generation to the next. The grandparents of both founders of the brand have a close professional relationship with the footwear industry, as they dedicated most of their lives to this “art”. Now is time for Ana and Daniela to carry on with this legacy and make the most out of the acquired knowledge, so they can write their own story and pass down their own experience to the next generation in the future.
The local city of its founders is also the place where Maria Maleta’s handbags are produced. A northern city of Portugal called S. João da Madeira that is known for its industrial character. From an early age, Ana and Daniela were in contact with the industrial environment of the city being able to see from up-close the production technics of their family industries.  This is an environment where they fell confortable.
The production of a Maria can be divided in five different processes:
Design, selection, tailoring, sewing and finishing. All raw materials are selected having in mind their resistance and durability, so that your handbag can stay with you for a life-time and not for just a brief moment.
Throughout these processes there is a mixture of different handicraft technics that are very thorough and precise.
From the tailoring to the gluing, sewing and finishing, all are made with extreme care and ancient consistent knowledge.
More than a brand, this is a dream from two best friends. A handbag concept driven by their friendship and personalities.
Every Maria Maleta tells a story. The story of the creation and creator of these handbags. Making every Maria truly unique. So one can certainly say that more than Handmade in Portugal, these Marias are Handmade with love, care and history.