Besuch in Porto

Visiting Porto? We will give you a lineup of what to visit in Porto in 1 or 2 days. The hidden places you can not miss, the best shops, the best streets, what to do and where to go as if you were a true resident of Porto.
What do two friends suggest when visiting Porto? Two friends in Porto? What you could do?
 * Avenida dos Aliados
Porto with or without the sun is always beautiful in its landscape, the first being that it is more lively and attractive, the second is that it comes with nostalgia and mystery. Both have their charm, so regardless of the weather, it is best to go on foot and stroll around the city. You can start in the morning with a visit to the Porto Cathedral area, pass the D. Luís Bridge and take a look at the city that stands on the other side, Vila Nova de Gaia, famous for its cellars along the river, which can also be interesting to visit.
But stay on Porto's side, down to Rio from the Porto Cathedral, along the narrow streets of the historic area of the city. Greet the "resistant" of those neighborhoods that are in the window to see who passes. Going down the "hillside" of villas and cottages.
 * Porto Cathedral & D. Luís Bridge
When you get to Ribeira you will realize that it is an increasingly touristy area, but coming to Porto and not seeing the river is not a good idea. Continue the walk, past the Cubo da Ribeira, through the Ferreira Borges Market, Palácio das Artes , and climb the emblematic and remodeled Rua das Flores bubbling with commerce and restaurants.
Since it is so close, be sure to visit one of Porto's best shops, The Feeting Room, known for its incredible selection of brands, minimalist decor, new designers, even the New York Times has recommended it. (see the article here)
Enjoy visiting the Clerigos Tower next door, the Praça Lisboa is at the moment one of the best places with a garden to relax at the end of the day and drink a glass, with music and good atmosphere.
Torre dos Clérigos
 There are plenty of good places to have lunch nearby. You can stop at Taberna S.António on Virtudes street, where we eat typical and traditional food at a very affordable price.
It is very close to one of the most beautiful but little-known viewpoint of the city " The Miradouro da Vitória " is worth spending a time there.
 * Miradoura da Vitória (ViewPoint Porto)
In the afternoon you can choose to continue to walk through the city, Art neighborhood in Miguel Bombarda Street, Cedofeita, Santa Catarina street or even Serralves
Or you can choose to walk through the city along the river, past the famous Alfandêga, Ponte Luminosa, Jardim do Passeio Alegre, and arrive at Praia da Luz beach. Here we can have the privilege of having a good sunset. With or without company, it is one of those moments we can relish something simply beautiful if time is on our side.
If you still have the strength, you can continue to the Transparent Building, where you will find surfers, cyclists, skaters, families and everyone enjoying the last rays of the day. Next you will find the City Park, huge and majestic, at this time probably with huge fans at the scene.
Of course, while returning to the center of the city, we would advise you not to go on foot.
Another cool place to visit... Jardins do Palácio de Cristal.  With large green spaces, and mysterious paths. An incredible view over the Douro River. 
Palácio de Cristal
At the end of the afternoon, in the center of the city, you always have the option to have a drink and watch the sunset in the Garden of Virtudes where you will find lots of young people with glass in hand and sunglasses. Or the Aduela, located at the intersection between a theater and a shopping center where you will find all the Portuenses who have just left work and needed a space to have a drink with friends. If it is winter, the best bar in the city to drink a glass and feel like a real Portuense is Café Vitória.
 * Passeio das Virtudes & Base Porto
For dinner, enjoy the good weather and enjoy the terraces that Porto offers you. The Intrigo, the Brick, the Flow .As a more economical option there is always the choice of restaurants in the Piolho / Carmo Zone (most famous coffee shops among students).We are going to leave our suggestions of restaurants here because we cannot choose one or two options when it is so much obvious that Porto has a high level of gastronomy. 
Do not forget to choose a day to eat the famous Francesinha (the most traditional dish in the city) we will unveil to you the least tourist place of all, there are no waiting queues and also you do not have to wait for the best decoration; just simple coffee shop where you will find our favorite Francesinha, DECOMUR , a francesinha that pleases everyone, is not too spicy, is not too big, but is cheap and good.
If you want a concert, you can go to the Casa da Música or the Hard Club (just consult the schedule) or simply go back to the city center to find some entertainment. The Galerias street is the street that is filled with people of all kinds without discrimination or stereotypes. There is the Café Au Lait with its intriguing environment where you do not pay to enter, regardless of who is playing, there’s always good music.
guindais visiting porto hidden places-4 batalha visiting porto-1
 * Guindais & Igreja de Santo Idelfonso
If it's weekend you can always visit Candido dos Reis Street where you will find a lively music bar in every Conner, a great option to have fun all night, Mao Maria and The Wall. The Porto people are likely to be in Maus Habitos,  a more alternative nightclub to go out in Porto, or better still the hispter bar in the city, the Passos Manuel. Plano B is also a great option and one of the most touristy nightclubs in Porto, but the Portuense will not let go.
cool streets to visit porto cool streets to visit porto
   * Rua das Galerias & Rua Candido dos Reis
Porto is magical and more magical yet are the people who live in it. When you are in Porto something leads you to act like a Portuense, so be prepared to embrace everyone, talk to everyone and feel at home in this small neighborhood that we call A Nation.  

Our favorites <3

Intrigo €€- great view and super chill atmosphere

Restaurante Cruel €€€ - Food with magic

Restaurante Nogueiras €€€€ - Best Meet in Town

Restaurante Antiqvvm €€€€ - Best river view

- Vila Nova de Gaia - Restaurantante Vinium- €€€€ - Best view to Porto

O buraco- € - Tradicional food (a family and friends restaurant)

Adega do Carregal- € - Good food for a low price

O rápido-  € - Tradicional food ( you can find the President of the city here) - (our favourite)


Best Stores in Town: 

The Feeting Room (our favourite)


Hearly Made Cedofeita

Centro Comercial Miguel Bombarda

Mon Père - Vintage Store


Coffe or Glass of wine

Candelabro – Alternative bar 

Vitória Café – Best decoration (our favourite in the winter)

Aduela – One of the most Hipsters wine bar

Base – Big garden to relax on grass (our favourite in the summer)

Selina - A hotel whit a pleasant patio for a drink